Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lizzie Lanore

My grandmother turned 90 this last Wednesday, and today we had a big party to help her celebrate!

Guys, my grandma Lizzie is one of the most wonderful, adorable people I have ever known. She was the kind of grandma who would let you build a blanket fort in her living room (using all of her kitchen chairs), and not even mind when you crawled into bed with her later because you were too chicken to actually sleep in it. She always sent a card in the mail on your birthday, even when you lived close enough for her to just bring it to you, because she knew how special it was to get real mail when you were a kid. She taught us how to crochet and bake cookies, and she would yodel on request (if you asked nicely). She used to grow mint under her back porch, and she showed us how refreshing it could be to pluck one of the leaves and put it on your tongue.

I could go on forever.

Today was her day. Today we got to celebrate the amazing life she has led, and we got to hear from so many people who she has touched with her love, her laughter, and her southern sass.

She is incredible, and I adore her. I am so lucky that I get to have her as my grandma for eternity.

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