Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Buddy

One year ago today, you came into the world. I didn't know you then, but three months later you would come into my life and everything would change for the better. I knew the minute that I first held you that you were destined to be my buddy for life.

Three months old, right after we met.
Your first year of life wasn't easy! Health problems (along with the regular puppy stuff) had us going to the vet almost every month. You took being poked and prodded like a champ, but I think it gave you your weird phobia of car rides that persists to this day. Your year of tests, tests, and more tests finally came to a close in January, when you were able to get the surgery you needed to be a healthy and happy pup. I wish I could tell you that your medical journeys are over for good, but unfortunately you will probably have to have surgery again someday. I can tell you, though, that you won't have to go back to the vet for a LONG while. I hope that you are as happy about that as I am!

After your surgery, grumpy about the e-collar.
I have learned a lot of things about you over the past year, but most of it can be boiled down to one thing: you, Puppy, are super weird. This is okay, because I am weird, too.

There are a lot of things about you that I will never understand. For example, I will never know why you feel the need to walk when you poop, or why you hate bathtime but love puddles. I will never know why you like to chew on my fingers when you are sleepy, or why you feel the need to spread your food all over the floor before you eat it. I will never understand the need to incessantly bark at strangers (but we're working on that). You are a goofball, for sure, but you're my goofball.

About six months old, having fun in the grass.
I love everything about you. I love your tiny toes and your snaggletooth. I love your Yoda ears, your whiskers, and the way you chase your tail when you get really involved in playtime. I love the way that you melt into me when you are sleepy, and the way you seem to always know when I need a cuddle. I love the weird snorting noises you make when you're happy, and your "ferocious" growl when you encounter a toy that wants to fight back. I love watching you play in the snow, because you really do look like a little fox when you are in your element.

Snow nose! Eleven months old.
I really could go on forever. There is just so much about you to love.

My dear little Watson, I am so glad that you exist. You have, in your first year, taught me that true love is grand, and that it could cross oceans and back without changing. You have taught me to be patient, and to be more selfless. You have made my life better in every way, and I am so grateful to be the person entrusted with your care.

Happy Birthday, my little love. Here's to many more to come!

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